Getting Started

Provisional License

Before driving any vehicle on the public roads every driver MUST hold their provisional driving license.

This can be obtained by asking for a D1 form from any Post Office and sending this completed with the current fee of £50 to the address shown on the form. It then usually takes around 10 – 14 days to receive your licence in the post.

You can also apply for your provisional online:

There is nothing stopping you booking your driving lessons in advance while you are waiting for the licence but it must have arrived before the 1st lesson can start.

Once you have your provisional licence you can then begin driving lessons and also drive with friends or family providing they are at least 21 and have held their own full driving licence for at least 3 years. The car must also be insured for the learner to drive.

Many insurance companies allow you to add a named driver (the learner) to the cars current insurance on a month by month basis, rather than adding them for an entire year. This usually works out as a much cheaper option.

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